The Lochleven Community Association (LCA) is an inclusive and welcoming community association, open to all residents of Lochleven as defined by the King County's legal plat. LCA embraces cultural and generation diversity and prides itself on being a dynamic, international and multicultural community. 


The formational of LCA was led by Craig Spiezle and a small group of concerned neighbors including Mike Hatmaker, Mike Eggenberger, Paresh & Lauren Rajwat, Coby Sellers, Kevin & Laurie Tolkin and Tiong-Keat Yeoh) to address the impact on Lochleven by the spread of development in downtown and major events impacting the community.  After a series of meetings with City staff, the group was encouraged to form an Assocation, representing the voice of the greater Lochleven Community.  A series of meetings were held from July through October with an expanded group of neighbors leading up to the Articles of Incorporation being filed with Washington State on October 6, 2021.


Under Craig's vision and leadership and support of the founding Board including Mike Hatmaker, Paresh Rajwat, Steve McConnell, Joyce Doland, Mark Walters and Craig Spiezle, the organization was formed and incorporated under the provisions of the Washington State Non-Profit Act (RCW 24.03).  LCA UBI is 604-818-129 and our IRS EIN is 87-2989440. LCA is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 non-profit, (retroactive to October 6, 2021). See supporting documents.


On June 14, 2022 coinciding with the annual member meeting, elections were held for new nominees to the Board.  Four members submitted an application for the Board including Joyce Doland (for a second term), Scott Lampe, Wayne Novak and Yuan Zheng. Over 45% of members in good standing submitted ballots.  On June 18, the results were certified. Based on the policy adopted by the Board and communicated to membership prior to voting, Scott Lampe, Wayne Novak, and Yuan Zheng were elected, each receiving more votes for them versus votes against their election. Members votes did not support Joyce Doland's continuation on the Board.  On June 20th the outgoing Board convened a meeting with the new Board electing the following officers: (Board Bios)

2022/2023 Board

  • President - Scott Lampe

  • Secretary - Yuan Zheng

  • Treasurer - Wayne Novak

2021/ 2022

  • President & Founder - Craig Spiezle

  • Vice President - Mike Hatmaker

  • Secretary - Mark Walters

  • Treasurer - Joyce Doland

List of Members in Good Standing (as of May 25, 2022, contact the Board for possible updates)

Mission & Purpose

  1. To promote a sense of community, enhancing the livability and safety of the residents, helping to protect and enhance the existing residential character of Lochleven.

  2. To help protect and enhance the natural and man-made beauty, quality and living amenities of the area including its streets, sidewalks, parks and recreation areas.

  3. To stimulate and ensure that adequate planning occur in order to carry out these purposes and that decisions regarding zoning, transportation, parking and spill over traffic to enhance the sustainability, character, walkability and sense of neighborhood.

  4.  To ensure that all public and private activities which affect the area are consistent with the short- and long-term needs, desires, goals and objectives of the residents and property-owners within the Association as defined above.

  5. To establish and maintain an open line of communication and liaison with governmental agencies and neighborhood associations and organization to promote the interests of the neighborhood.

  6. To promote disaster response and emergency preparedness to create a more resilient community.