Annual Membership

The Lochleven Community Association (LCA) is an inclusive and welcoming community association, open to all residents of Lochleven as defined by the King County's legal plat. LCA embraces cultural and generation diversity and prides itself on being a dynamic multicultural community.  


LCA is supported by annual dues from residents and property owners of Lochleven and surrounding communities.  Resident members can participate in a range of committees and activities supporting the mission and purpose of the organization.  From running for the Board to neighborhood block parties, neighborhood enhancement activities and emergency readiness, members have many opportunities for involvement. 


LCA is a Washington State non-profit corporation (UBI 604-818-129).  LCA is recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization. Membership fees and donations tax deductible.  Donations from non-residents of Lochleven are recognized as "supporters of LCA". Supporters may attend all meetings and events without voting rights.

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